Job Description

The purpose of the Entry-Level Medical Assistant is to assist newly graduated or on the job trained Medical Assistants with basic qualifications a training environment for skills necessary to function in a medical clinic. The training process will provide a learning situation for those with minimal skills to advance to an independent Medical Assistant in giving support and services to patients, and healthcare providers within a clinical team.To perform this job successfully, an individual must be able to perform medical office duties, which he/she is capable of by virtue of appropriate training and with the scope and limits of the medical assistant practice, perform each essential duty listed above satisfactorily and with professionalism and courtesy to others, able to effectively and efficiently organize and carry out workload.

Qualifications: Must be bilingual in English and Spanish. Diploma from a non-accredited Medical Assistant School with a minimum of 180 hours of training through an internship or on the job training with a private medical practice for at least one (1) year, if there is no formal training from a non-accredited Medical Assistant School. Current Medical Assistant Certificate or diploma from a non-accredited program. Current CPR and/or BLS certification. At six (6) months must pass a Medical Assistant skills test with 80% or better to advance to an independent Medical Assistant level. Must be able to obtain a Fingerprint Clearance card. If not already obtained, Fingerprint Clearance card application must be submitted within five (5) business days of employment. Must be able to successfully pass a background check and a health and drug screen.